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2017 July 25
How to celebrate anniversary
How to celebrate anniversary
“ There is no lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good Marriage. ”
- Martin Luther

Wedding marks the commencement of a new phase in the journey of life, beyond doubt- for both genders! Whether you had a traditional marriage or cupid played a role behind the wedding, time for anniversary will come. Time flies fast and before you are prepared for the event it will be knocking on the doors. It goes without saying you want the anniversary celebration to be special and memorable. You may also want to amaze your spouse by having some surprise in store and arranging something unexpected but pleasant.

Ideas to celebrate your anniversary in unique ways

While there is no hard and fast rule regarding celebrating wedding anniversaries, you need to come up with ideas that suit penchant of your spouse. It is nice to think creatively regarding anniversary celebration but analyzing individual likings and preferences is necessary. Below listed are a few anniversary celebration ideas you can consider.

A short surprise vacation

It would be a good idea to arrange for a surprise and short vacation to celebrate an upcoming anniversary. This would be more suited for your spouse if he/ she has to spend a lot of time at home and you have not been to a vacation for long. A short vacation at a new location is perfect to rekindle the passion for each other. Think of aspects like preferences of your spouse for vacationing and budget etc. Not everyone is fond of seaside vacations and there are people who love vacationing at relatively lesser known, serene places.

Give your spouse royal pampering

If your spouse is in a hectic job and hardly finds time for relaxation, the anniversary is the perfect occasion to offer him/her some royal pampering. This can be done in many ways. You can gift your spouse an exclusive spa massage or skin rejuvenation package on the anniversary. Getting massage with application of aromatic oils and natural scrubs can be rejuvenating to the body. Similarly, you can opt for a detoxifying facial for him/her at a leading skin clinic on the occasion.

Give your spouse something long desired

If there is something your spouse is keen on getting and have been expressing wish for the same, anniversary can be the right occasion to fulfill the desire. This can vary from one person to another, for sure. If your spouse has been longing for a platinum ring or exotic pearl necklace, you may gift that on eve of anniversary. For gadget lovers it could be a new smartwatch or Bluetooth headset as well.

Give your spouse a suitable and practical gift

Instead of giving fancy or decorative gift to your spouse on anniversary, it is prudent you choose something that will be useful to him/her. For example, you can gift your spouse a new food processor or electric fryer, if she is fond of cooking and loves experimenting with new dishes. Similarly, you may think of buying a grooming kit as anniversary gift if your spouse is fond of maintaining beard and moustache in shape. In fact, you can bring home a Labrador puppy or a macaw if the spouse is fond of animals and birds. Giving such gifts helps convey the feeling that you care for liking of your spouse.

Summing it all up

There is no fixed formula or norm for making anniversary celebration successful and absolutely enjoyable. Understanding liking of the spouse goes a long way in making such celebrations blissful and memorable, as it is. Sometimes, coming up with creative ideas work well and finding ways to rekindle passion can also be ideal for celebrating anniversaries.

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