Valentine Disclaimer

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At BetterGiftFlowers, your order is more than a transaction; it’s a priority. We’re committed to ensuring you recognize and value the dedication we put into each order. For clarity and peace of mind, please review our disclaimers.

Valentine’s Special Express/Same-Day Delivery Services

Discover our exquisite Valentine’s collection at BetterGiftFlowers. Be aware, that prices are subject to change due to the Valentine’s season demand. Secure early orders for better rates. While we offer express delivery, precise delivery times can’t be guaranteed except for Fixed-Time and Midnight Delivery options on normal days excluding the Valentine’s week. To optimize our service, accurate recipient details are crucial. An email address is highly beneficial for contact when phones are unreachable. Our Midnight & International Delivery disclaimers provide essential details, located in our Disclaimer section under Shipping Disclaimer. 

Valentine’s Special Midnight Delivery Services

Our Valentine’s collection at BetterGiftFlowers is crafted with love. Note, prices may fluctuate due to high demand. Pre-booking ensures attractive pricing. For midnight deliveries, anticipate arrival between 11 pm to 1 am. Please provide accurate delivery information for seamless service. Visit our Shipping Disclaimer in the Disclaimer section for more information or contact us with further inquiries.

Valentine’s Special Courier Services

Explore our special Valentine’s range at BetterGiftFlowers. Prices are variable during the rush period. Pre-order for the best deals. Our courier partners strive for timely delivery, but exact timings can’t be guaranteed in peak season. For successful delivery, accurate recipient information is key. All necessary details are in our Shipping Disclaimer under the Disclaimer section. Feel free to contact us for any clarifications.

Valentine’s Special International Services

Our international Valentine’s services are subject to price changes due to high demand. Pre-booking is recommended for favorable rates. Be informed of our substitution policy for hand-delivered products. Exact delivery dates for next-day courier services can’t be assured during peak times. We use our discretion for delivery in the recipient’s absence. Allow 3-5 working days for delivery confirmation and dispute resolution, and 1-2 working days for time zone-related updates. Accurate delivery details are essential. For more information, please see our Shipping Disclaimer in the Disclaimer section or contact us directly.

Do visit our Disclaimer section for a comprehensive understanding of our services.

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