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2018 April 02
4 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
4 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
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For all of my singlets out there, I know this can be a hard day to get through, but it gets better, trust me. And for others, it might just be another Wednesday. This article is for those who want to make this day special for their loved ones.

The ones who want to stuff the entire day with romantic activities and showing your love and appreciation to your girlfriend.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.


1. A Romantic Dinner Date at Home

Why mess with all those reservations and worry about how you look when you can have an amazing time at your home. Not just that, you can make this as memorable as possible.

Decorate your table with red covers and place little hearts all over the place. Maybe even have a couple scented candles around the house that makes her feel special.

And if you really want to go all out, having some classical music playing in the background while you guys have dinner or just talk.

Wouldn’t that be something that she remembers for her entire life?

I bet she will.


2. Chilly Weather But Besides a Fireplace

Since Valentine’s day comes in the month of February, the weather is quite chilly.

You can take advantage of that and plan something that involves both of you spending time near a fireplace.

Maybe it is a bonfire on your terrace or something. You will have to figure that out. But you want it to be something that happens near a fireplace. This is amazing because you both will get to cuddle because of the frosty weather.

And if you want to have dinner before getting all cozy, arrange a table for dinner and spend some quality time with her.

3. Scavenger Hunt of Love Scrolls

The usual rules of scavenger hunt apply here, but instead of simple clues, you will include love scrolls that will lead your girlfriend to places where you guys might have created memories together.

Each note will lead her to a new place. But try to keep it short and sweet and within a small distance. Because no one likes to run around trying to complete the game. Because then it becomes more of a chore instead of having fun.

And once they complete the hunt, you can play a romantic song in the background while both of you dance together and have an amazing time.


4. Dance to a Romantic Song

If you are running really short on funds, you can plan a very inexpensive date at your place where you both have an amazing dinner together (refer to tip #1 above) and dance to a romantic song that both of you love.

Not only will your girlfriend have an amazing time, she will also love every minute of it. And you will also get more credibility in front of her friends.

Because you think she won’t talk about that with her friends?

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